I founded a nonprofit called "The Climate Campaign" while in college. We utilized Utah's biggest rivalry (BYU and the U) to show Democrats and Republicans that it's possible to team up on climate even if you hate each other.

All the news coverage is real, as are the ad executions. 

News Reel

From Blue to U

Campus Prints

We needed student converts for our cause. These print ads started popping up around campus and on highway billboards.

Most BYU clubs never break 100 members. We went from 0 to over 200 in half a semester.

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This ad was shown over 68,000 times, spread across 16 highway billboards in Utah Valley.

Mountain Messaging

We put a gigantic, purple, shining Y on the mountain during the BYU/Utah rivalry football game.

We dominated the halftime show gossip, and got all of Utah Valley asking about the purple Y.

giphy (9).gif

Timeline of Guerrilla Events

This was a big cause with zero budget. We got scrappy.

Aug 23rd

BYU students leave 3,500 purple flowers on Ute vehicles with a link to the video you saw up top. The media lapped it up. We got over 200,000 impressions in a single day.

Oct 19th

BYU students assemble a giant puzzle and put their handprints on it to support net neutrality on campus. The puzzle was then sent to the U for more prints.

Sept 5th

Brigham 3

Utes respond on BYU campus by leaving a gift at our iconic Brigham Young statue during rivalry week.

Sept 9th

During halftime of the rivalry football game, BYU and U students light the mountain with a giant, glowing purple Y, visible to all the fans in the stadium.

Later on...

United Statue

Utah State Aggies join the student-led movement.

Congressman Curtis accepts giant purple Y.

Former Congressman Bob Inglis speaks at BYU on climate policy.

BYU announces free public transit for all students, and an expanded bus route.

Copy: Nick Huey

Art: Kelsey Martinez

Content: Jonny Richards & Mike Hanks